our story

Our Story


Adam and Clark are veteran travelers who have logged tens of thousands of miles for work and pleasure. They know from experience what a traveler wants at the beginning and end of a long day.

After ten years of intensive traveling Adam bought a new condominium in a premium Nashville high rise. He hired an interior designer. His instructions: make his new home look and feel exactly like the executive suites of his favorite elite hotel. This hotel’s design was so welcoming and comforting he wanted to model his own home after it! Then he decided to share his home with others!

Whether Clark is coming back from a hard day running with the bulls in Pampalona, Spain, chilling after an evening kissing cobras in Thailand, or prepping for a business meeting in Mexico City, he knows the need for comfort in his rented digs. Years of adventure and business travel have made Clark an expert in knowing what he wants.

So Adam and Clark created iStay. They want to provide travelers with more than a bed. They know travelers are on the road and away from home. So they don’t need to feel like they are on the road in their lodgings! The iStay premium experience is what they look for themselves!

iStay Difference

Your premium iStay is strategically located, designer furnished, and gives you real-person assistance. Plus your iStay includes the Nash Pass totally free! Giving you VIP access to Music City’s hot nightlife - a $200 value!

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